Add your fight to the map!

Are you part of a community group, organization, or student club that’s actively fighting an oil or gas project? If so, you belong on the map!

This map is a resource to help new and existing pipeline fighters build community and become aware of our allies. Adding your group to the map does not mean you are committing to a particular ideology or set of tactics. The purpose of the map is to provide a bird’s-eye view of the incredible organizing happening across the continent, and give people a way to find and get involved in local fights in their community.

Before filling out the form, please take a moment to consider whether your group:

  • Is directly involved in opposing a specific piece of oil or gas infrastructure (pipeline, pumping station, or extraction site)
  • Is working with community leaders directly impacted by the proposed project
  • Is looking for more folks to get involved in your area
  • Is operating in North America

Each submission will be reviewed to make sure it fits within this criteria before going on the map. We reserve the right to deny or revoke your submission if your group does not meet this criteria.