Mapping Fossil Fuel Resistance

A movement is growing to stop fossil fuel projects across the country

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The Map of Our Movement

Ordinary people everywhere are standing up and fighting every major fossil fuel project in the country. Trump and the fossil fuel industry are desperate to lock us into decades more of polluting fossil fuels by building new pipelines and other dirty infrastructure, but their agenda is being disrupted by grassroots organizing across the country to protect our water, communities, and climate. This movement is growing. Join in.

Below is a map of groups working to stop oil and gas projects. Click on the icons for more details and to learn how to join with courageous folks on the frontlines in your community. If your group isn’t on the map, click here to add it.

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Together, we are big enough and bold enough to break down the power of the extractive corporations that lurk behind every pipeline and pumping station — and to build the future we want that’s rooted in dignity for our communities, stability for our climate, and respect for our ecosystems. Find and join a fight near you on the map.

Help show the world the scale and power of our resistance to the fossil fuel industry by adding your group to the map!

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